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Red Wagon Artists are story-tellers with advocacy in mind. Together, we have over sixty years of combined experience in the entertainment industry--predominantly working in music and theatre, specializing in theatre for young audiences. As children, we knew what it was to be invisible when we wanted to be seen and spotlighted when we'd rather be hiding (that's a fancy way of saying we were bullied).


Our experience has taken us on the road, touring to schools, in the classroom for workshops, facilitating at conferences and for professional development. Our stages are in diverse communities of all sizes and are not always traditional. We love working in interesting spaces, devising original work, and thinking outside the box.


We are playwrights and composers who take heart, might, and mind wellness (social-emotional well-being, leadership, and character education) seriously, weaving it into all we do as we use drama in education and present  our creative work. We'd love to connect with you to help you reach your goals with your students, staff, and community! Get in touch with us here.

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Jenny Rogers, MFA
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Lee-Perry Belleau
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Our mission is to engage people of all ages in immersive and interactive creative experiences that provoke thought, delight the senses, inspire conversation and unite community.

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