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I've been privileged to work with and for some truly remarkable people on very interesting and unique projects. Many of them I have invented, created, written, directed, and toured. Others, I have worked with a team and been honored to win recognition in the field. Some have been more intimate, taking place in one school in one school district.


These experiences often generate profound moments--a few life-changing--and legacies that have altered the fabric of my life, changing my trajectory. I am blessed to know that participants in my classes and workshops or projects have also benefitted. A few of their comments are found below:       

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"Ms. Rogers had a knack for getting kids to buy into the role-playing and to get them to think in their new roles as much as possible. Her directions for students through the creation of the masks and puppets were straightforward and simple to follow. As a teacher chaperone, I was impressed with Ms. Rogers' abilities to facilitate, lead, and manage the group dynamics. All students, even those that were initially hesitant, ended up being engaged and was evident that Ms. Rogers was experienced and passionate about the camp she was leading."

--C. Newsome, Teacher

EMU Explorer Camp

"In parallel with her zeal, dedication to the arts, and willingness to go beyond what one may feel succinct in being a working artist, Jenny has an exemplary sense of professionalism, sound base of knowledge and desire to help those in need. Jenny has been an integral component to expanding the arts in the greater Blue Water area. She has utilized her resources...and coupled those attributes with her keen sense of business to make so many projects run successfully."

--J. Murphy, Teacher

The Picasso Project, 2012, 2013

Picasso Mini Fair

"It was something so beautifully abstract yet remarkably grounded and honest. The words were meant for a ham like myself to chew them up, but also give them the weight and gravitas it deserved! It is honestly one of my proudest moments...I am very grateful I was gifted the opportunity to be a part of it! A one of a kind production that I will never forget!"

--P. Howard, Principal cast (Dow) 

The Picasso Project 2012, 2013

Picasso Becomes You

“This right here [gallery design project with daughter] has to be one of the coolest, most amazing and proud moments in my life as Sidney’s mother, and all because she got to be part of this project!”

--A.M. Hillman, Parent

The Picasso Project 2012, 2013

"Jenny has created her own theatre education programs for private schools. I have seen the work her students produce. It is timely, engaging and leaves the young actors with an emotional as well as intellectual tie to the information presented. Jenny's theatre programs also provided a sense of belonging, team work and communication skills for the students."

--J. Halladay, Professor

Middle Tennessee State University

"Jenny, everything looked amazing!! Such an amazing and unique event. I hope to see it continue. Your hard work paid off. I absolutely loved how you went into the Women of Picasso. Great job!"

--K. Tomlin

Student artist participant

The Picasso Project

"In working with Jenny on Picasso Becomes You and various other artistic and theatrical projects over the course of several years, I found myself consistently artistically challenged and fulfilled. Jenny's enthusiasm and keen ability to view situations from unique angles shines through her creative work, whether that work be busking at street fairs or conceptualizing, developing, and producing fully-immersive artistic experiences unlike any other. Jenny is a forward-thinker who creates massive projects with incredible attention to even the smallest details. What is truly most exceptional about Jenny is her unique bend while working on projects to simultaneously educate, coordinate, and create relationships with her audience, students, and collaborators in a loving, fostering, and humorous environment. Jenny is a dream collaborator, visionary artist, and the best, most invested educator I have ever had the pleasure of learning from."

--AC Rutherford

Former student, designer, cast member and performing artist

Broadway actor

"Miss Jenny, you are a very inspirational woman. I wish many of us in high school would of taken things more seriously, art in all forms seems to be one of the only things left in this world that brings peace and unity and hope. I truly appreciate what you taught all of us and allowed us to experience things we never would have. You are a wonderful teacher and artist!"

--K. Markey

 Former student artist participant

The Picasso Project

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