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Creative portfolio, Jenny Rogers
Creative portfolio, Jenny Rogers
Creative portfolio, Jenny Rogers
Creative portfolio, Jenny Rogers
Creative portfolio, Jenny Rogers

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In 1999, I made my first trip to Honduras in answer to a call for help from an Airman (United States Air Force) who was a family friend. The help requested was for humanitarian aid for children and families in remote mountain villages and a handful of orphanages not far from the military base and, ultimately, a soup kitchen in the village of Cane. Out of that first visit grew a non-profit with a heart to serve through arts-based initiatives both overseas and here at home. Since its inception, we have partnered with universities, schools, community organizations and individuals to build a playground, support a soup kitchen, perform original theatrical productions, hold workshops in schools and so much more.


The KidSAKE Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, is a sister organization to Art for Good and Red Wagon Artists. Through KidSAKE, grants may be available to bring an arts program to you. Please contact us to find out about KidSAKE initiatives and learn more about how you can help--or how we can help you.

May your day be artful!

Jenny Rogers

Red Wagon Teaching Artist

Executive Director, The KidSAKE Foundation

The above video represents the capstone project from partnerships developed between The KidSAKE Foundation, Jenny Rogers, and Middle Tennessee State University. Over 30 students and faculty worked on projects in Honduras for nearly two weeks in 2007.

Creative portfolio, Jenny Rogers
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